Permaculture and related events for 2019


Once again we have an exciting line up of courses around Europe. Most of the courses are listed here, which you can also find from the links on the right and on our Facebook page.


Permaculture Courses

- 4 PDC's (South France, South East France, Croatia & Austria)

- A permaculture teacher training course in London with Graham Bell

- An Advanced permaculture course where we design and implement our permaculture design for some land in Spain


Forest gardening (edible landscaping)

- A forest garden course in South France


Energy production practicals

- How to make a bike powered generator also in South France


For those who are interested in Children in Permaculture

- We have a very exciting course on how to design spaces that educate children through play in Sheffield

- Plus other children in permaculture courses as well as a children in permaculture conference


For youths we have

- A Youth in Permaculture Youth Exchange in Portugal.